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Leg 63 - LIBC (Crotone) to LIBP (Pescara)

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Well now, I was left with some things to work out.


In preparation for my leg I had booked a rental plane using the Hangar Credit card, but as John had managed to get his wallet, with the card in it, stolen during the last leg I had to re-arrange my plans. The rental company was very clear that I had to present the physical card before I could check my plane out, so new plans had to be drawn.


Even though Putinfeld appeared to be out of the story for the moment I still was a bit apprehensive about spending additional time in Crotone considering John's entanglement with the Cosa Nostra. In case Putinfeld hadn't settled his business with them I was concerned that their Calabrian counterpart, the 'Ndrangheta, could try something. So I decided to try to sort my plans out from the relative safety of home and leave John to deal with any threats, and as an added bonus giving him some time to sort out the repairs of the Baton!


Several phone calls later I had managed to track down a privately owned SIAI-Marchetti SF260 based in Crotone, and the owner had kindly agreed to lend it to me for the flight (in a very tactical move I neglected to mention any possible entanglements with the Cosa Nostra or the 'Ndrangheta :whis: ).


So with the plane sorted I boarded a flight bound for Italy and settled into the back of a 737 to do my flight planning.


The easy way out was of course to just head straight for Pescara, but that seemed like a wasted sight seeing opportunity. So the plan was to head up the western coast of Italy to Rome, and from there head straight over to the eastern coast and Pescara.


Upon arrival in Crotone I found JG in the airport bar. By the looks of it he had managed to stay out of jail, and most of the bruising had faded and was now only preserved as a nasty recollection in JGs head. The Baton was looking almost like new again as well.. Considering the state it was in when I last saw a picture of it I can only assume that magic and/or alien technology was involved in the repairs!


After a quick breakfast I headed out to the apron to see my plane for the first time. A tad small, good thing I was flying on my own as it would have been awfully crowded in the cockpit otherwise.



Pre-flight checks done, prop spinning, let's get out of here!



Taxiing out to runway 35 for my departure



Lined up and ready to go..



With full tanks I held the plane on the ground far beyond the Vr Speed, but as we approached 95 knots I eased her in to the air...



Turning left to establish my self on the 306 IB to SOR VOR.


The climb to 6.000 feet was swift, and I was established in my cruise in no time.. with almost 200 knots indicated airspeed this little plane packs quite a punch.



Much more interesting landscape below me compared to my earlier outings in the ATWC.. although my options if something heads south aren't many. The closest airport enroute is LIRI, a good 150 nm away.



The weather is OK, and for the moment I can fit below the clouds and maintain a VFR flight.



Hmm. from my planning 6000 feet should be enough, but it looks like I've plotted my course straight through that gap. Let's keep a close eye on where we go as we pass that ridge.



Straight through the gap, had I strayed to either side it could have been tight though.



Out over the "Med" east of Scalea



And in to the clouds.. oh well, until I've passed Rome I should be able to descend a couple of thousand feet without problems...




Not quite out of the clouds as I skirt along the coast at Marina di Camerota.



Coming up on my first waypoint, the Sorrento VOR, time to turn right and head for the TEA VOR



Heading in over land again as we pass Naples.



Reached the TEA VOR without problems, and visibility is better. Time to turn to the west and head towards the LAT VOR.



It's almost strange that the landscape can be so desolate a mere 20 nm from downtown Rome!



Enroute from LAT VOR to ROM VOR I passed over Lago di Albaon...



Passing ROM VOR and LIRA (Ciampino airport) it's time to keep my eyes out the window.. No navaids to guide me during my sightseeing over Rome.



Plenty of sights down there, with the Colosseum being the one I can clearly identify... 



..and the Vatican of course.. I hope I didn't wake the Pope, and that the swiss guard didn't mind me passing by...



Once passed the sights I climb made a hard right turn towards the PES VOR at my destination and climbed up to 10.000 feet.. My initial plan was to follow the A25 through the valleys, but considering the low clouds I opted for altitude and visibility!



Established on the VOR heading towards higher ground..




Considering the clouds below me I feel that my decision to climb was correct..



Phew.. even at 10.000 feet I did encounter some clouds, and as I passed the peaks they were a bit to close for comfort..



But I made it passed the peaks and with the clouds behind me I can see the ground falling away below me..




About 15 nm to go to the airport, time to head down again.



Someone taking off just as my destination comes into view.. looks like I'll need to go out to sea and head in from the other direction.






Established on finals out over the sea, I guess I should feed that last stage of flaps in soon as well.. 



As I get closer I'm glad I have an ILS to follow in. The haze left me with slightly limited visibility



Over the beach, almost there.. I hope that Cessna will vacate the runway before I'm getting ready to touch down.



Almost there, let's reduce the speed a tad more to give the Cessna time to vacate.. 



Time to Flare I think!



Down on the ground, let's find my exit.



Vacated, now where do I go?



After a quick chat with the tower a Follow-me truck came to guide me in.



Great, parking right at the fuel pumps



Shut down and ready to grab a drink and find somewhere to stay while I wait for Jess to join me.



That's it for my last personal flight in this ATWC SiX... now all I need to do is figure out how to get to Calais in time for the final group flight ;)



Add-ons in use.

FTX Global Base Package

FTX Global Vectors

FTX Global openLC Europe

FTX HD Trees

FS Global 2010 Mesh

Weather by Active Sky Next with textures from REX Texture Direct 4 and REX Soft Clouds

AI Traffic by Ultimate Traffic 2

Custom Cameras by EzDoc

Flown in SIAI-Marchetti SF260 by Real Air Simulations


Flight planning made using with Plan-G.

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