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LFCB Bagneres de Luchon (leg 3)

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The approach to this touch-and-go is full of opportunities for the unwary to become geography, especially if they haven't said their prayers while passing Lourdes.


To make it slightly easier, there are visual approach maps for LFCB at





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John's link to map on Rocketroute above didn't work for me pre-flight either - sadly

In retrospect it was like hurtling off the top of Blackpool Pleasure Beach's 'Big One' and trying to land neatly on the Prom 1000 feet below. Do-able but very hairy and totally irresponsible.

So to help those following behind once I was back on the ground I searched further for the charts.

Irritatingly I found one within the Dauntless Sim Plates App I already had on my phone / iPad!

Elsewhere I found images linked below which should give you the feel of the approach.


Bon chance!

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