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Falcon 4.0 BMS 4.33 Update 1 is out now!

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Hi all, just to let those know who may be interested, BMS have updated the mod again to 4.33.1.


There have been some changes in the Falcon 4 world, however which alters the way BMS now functions. The rights to Falcon 4.0 have been acquired by Tommo, who now sell the original sim via GOG etc. Previously to install BMS, you only needed the original sim's executable file somewhere on your system, however Tommo have told Benchmark Sims that all future releases of BMS must include a check to ensure that the user has a legitimate copy of Falcon 4.0. In order to satisfy this requirement, the installer for 4.33.1 now requires the user to have a COMPLETE installation of the original Falcon 4.0 on their hard drive. The software also checks for this each time it is run after installation. Tommo have assured Benchmark that, provided they comply with this request, BMS development can continue with their blessing!!


Good news for all Falcon fans! :D


Having installed it myself, I must say that the BMS team never cease to amaze in their continued quest for realism. Well worth the download if you ask me :thum:

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