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Plan G log file

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Not sure if this is what you mean - from the manual...

Trail plotting is enabled from the “File” tab, in Options /User Aircraft (See section 8.9.6 above). If Trail plotting is enabled, and Plan‐G is connected to Flight Simulator, a trail of the flight of the user’s aircraft is displayed on the map during the flight, and saved as an International Gliding Convention (IGC) file. IGC files are an international standard recording protocol designed for use in competitive gliding, but which can be used to record any flight. The log records the callsign of the aircraft flown, the flightpath, elevation and elapsed time.
If you wish to analyse a flight afterwards, and automatic logging is enabled, then you can reload that flight and examine it. Select the ‘File’ tab, then ‘Open’, and select the sub folder of Plan‐G Files. Click the “Aircraft Breadcrumb Trail Files (.IGC)” from the file type dropdown box at the lower right of the Trail Files Folder window. A list of your saved logs is displayed from which you can select the one you wish to view.




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And hast though found the Plan G Logs?

Oh come to see Cairns with winged toy!

Oh cloudy day, Berlin to Calais?

He throttled back his joy.


Twas tunneled and the slithey files

did burrow and lurk in the bowels.

All winged were the Plan G Logs,

and the VORs out ranged.

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