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Leg 67: Sion (LSGS) - Le Versoud (LFLG)

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So...totaly distracted by vacay plans...there isn't a Good Story. The Sunglasses...it's not all that big of a mystery. I hate glare, and need reading glasses...my "driving" glasses are sunglasses with molded in 'invisible' seam readers on the bottom of the lenses, I am Near and Glare blind outdoors without them and I tend to leave them on in brightly or even well lit rooms for the convenience of not having to switch to normal clear readers.


However the reason Steph might have thought something was up was because something was up...I was in a bit of a rush for time, and planned to pull a fast one on our boss Stu...literally Fast. I originally planned to fly in, and submitted my request to fly this leg in this:



"This is my WTF am I thinking...this will take hours" face while sitting in it and looking at the airspeed indicator which turns orange after 70 Mph. :(



Because I needed to get back to home in California pronto to make a flight to my vacation...I switched rides thanks to a little gem I found in one of the Sion hangars.

Rented on the ATWC credit card while waiting for Steph to arrive with the baton:



The weather was looking murky, and the forecast was for reduced visibility ahead. Even the GPS dash mounted unit is busted in this bird...it has ofreshnly been used for fair weather flying locally, and it took a bit of  lying about the Urgency of the Baton Mission...and a lot of monetary convincing to $way the owner to arrange for the rental. I will have zero nav/IFR ability in this thing, just my own back up/trusty hand held gps unit with my course for both legs already programed in.



Taking off:



Zigging and zagging down the first leg of the valley...




Then down the river after the first bend ...keeping maybe a bit lower than necessary to stay below the murk.



Leaving the dog leg heading for the big Lake Geneva.








Starting now to veer away from Lake Geneva towards next way point:



And that low viz really starts kicking in, forcing me lower.



Passing over LFBI???, pre-programmed in as a possible bail out spot if the weather was untenable past here...but it still looks do-able if murky ahead...pressing on towards those cliffs.



Looking consistently "do-able" ahead as I pass the walls of earth.



I followed a side canyon that looked a bit less murky and passed over Lak du Bourget:



Hooked back up with my original route past the lake, and passing the airfield at Barby, France another possible bail out point...pressing on.



Some lovely chunks of rock around here...end of leg 67 is around the corner from that chunk ahead.



Made the last turn towards LFLG LeVersoud









Parked it by the tower, where I am supposed to pick up the key to the second hangar on the right there for my next ride...prearranged a month or more ago, and just days from the end of my "reserve dates".




I'll go grab the keys, while you head over and meet me at the next thread by the hangar.


Cya soon.



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24 minutes ago, mutley said:

Love that aircraft!

Love the PIREP too, things are moving on a pace.


Moving it on was pretty much my focus here Joe :pilotic:

I did not want to be trying to relax on a Maui beach with a beautiful lady, and have the experience marred by worry about the ATWC baton and letting everyone at the Hangar down...snort... :whis: (as iffffff)

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