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Leg 68: LeVersoud (LFLG) - Bretigny-Sur-Orge (LFPY)

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There she is pulling out of the hangar...a Jetstep ahead of the last jet in terms of...well...everything, except maybe the sheer fun of simplicity...this plane will be anything but "simple".



Taxiing to the runway:



More taxiing:



In position and ready on ATC's orders.






Turning to course and heading to our cruise altitude of 16,000 ft.



I am going to have to see about maybe making an Airhauler company around here...this is a gorgeous place to fly.



And here is the course for Both legs transferred from my handheld to the on-board GPS system. As you can see this leg is pretty much a high altitude Arrow with a slight dogleg at the end...pretty simple with a VOR in the center to run at/away from if necc...but I stayed on GPS nav for the trip.








Here we are, Bretigny-Sur-Orge is ahead/right of us. ATC has cleared us for runway 5 right traffic.





Too high, I bailed out and gave it another turn down on the approach.



Still a bit high on the approach, but this is do-able...speed is decreasing...no worries.






And Gasser:



And that is it for these two Jet legs, so that I can make my Jet Lag prep commitments in time.


The baton is stashed on top of that fuel pump...on top of that white cross bar thingy above the pumps....see the large yellow ladder propped up there for your convenience.

There was a 1 inch thick layer of undisturbed dirt up there, no way anyone will ever bother it there.

I'd stay to hand it over personally, but...gotta dash to vacay!


Cheers all.


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A great couple of legs Matt. Good choice of aircraft for both.  I loved the scenery for the first leg. I am going to have to take a fast jet down there to have some fun.  The Milviz Phantom F4J I think.

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On 2016-04-21 at 02:02, Captain Coffee said:

Thanks for all the comments folks...best part is reading them in MAUI!! :)



After that tidbit of information I'm not sure I even should give you the benefit of a reply ;)


Good Job Matt, really enjoyed the flight, and some stunning shots thrown in there!!

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