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First multiplayer sortie in BMS 4.33.1

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Here's some pics from my first MP sortie since I upgraded to the new version of BMS. Me and my wingman were tasked with the destruction of the Puro-ri North Korean naval base using GBU 15 LGBs. There wasn't time to take screens during the actual attack, but most assets were destroyed or heavily damaged apart from a couple of warehouses. My wing man even took out the loading cranes! Such is the precision strike capability of the GBU 15.



The Viper Block 52 "Office" with avionics in Nav mode. The environmental effects including scratches on the canopy are amazing



Ingressing to the target area. One of the GBU15s can be seen on the inner wing pylon.



Turning into the target. The naval base can just be seen almost dead centre of picture



My wing man maneuvers into a spread line formation to begin his attack run



Rejoining formation after the attack



Back in formation for the journey home (with now empty pylons!) :D



In the turn to line up for the airfield



A view of my wingman parked up back on the ramp at Kimpo airfield just as the sun began to set.


Thanks for viewing

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Thanks dolf. @Matt, fear not, I doubt that there will be time to take any target area pictures on a sortie, as there are the weapons and sensor systems to manage as well as flying the aircraft. All are very accurately modelled now in the latest BMS version.

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Thanks Brett, the strike went like clockwork with only a few of the old SA-2 and SA-4 type SAMs guarding the area. They hardly had time to get a track on us before we were off target and heading home. All in all from the initial point to flowing away from target after the strike was about 3 mins tops. We left the naval base in ruins in that time.

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On 4/17/2016 at 14:56, brett said:

It's almost not even fair anymore.:P Nicely flown and executed guys. :salute:


I was trying to recall when if ever war was fair, then remembered the bygone good old days of lining up with your buddies, facing a line of them and their buddies, and taking turns firing inaccurate lead projectiles at each other's lines of buddies for the glory and Honor of our Lords of the Manors,  each of whom weren't typically on the line, but back somewhere waiting to flee with their heads, or take credit for the battle victory...sigh.


How long have we been putting up with this kind of thing?

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War is not fair but when it comes down to it I would rather be on the side that was flying the Falcon instead of the side that was firing inaccurate lead projectiles.:P

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