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Agreed about the X52. Having said that, however, the X52 does suffer from one teeny problem if you're using it via USB3 — you need to disable Intel xHCI mode on your motherboard to get it to work. This wasn't an option for me, which is why my X52 is back in the loft. I'm assuming, though, that the OP's machine won't be fitted with USB3, so the difficulty hopefully can't arise.


But it might be worth mentioning here, just in case anyone else runs into this.     :cool:





a.k.a. brian747


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9 hours ago, Jess-b said:

Actually, the X-52 pro is a great stick to get started with.  In the £100 price bracket, well you can't go wrong. 


I paid £10 for my first joystick. Just saying.


It was crap.


Seriously though, I have an X-52 and it's a nice stick. It worked fine plugged into USB3 on my old iMac running in Windows mode (it might not have had an xHCI, not that I know what that is).

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> "  It worked fine plugged into USB3 on my old iMac ..."


:huh:     Ah c'mon, Tim, you're not saying you've gone over to the Dark Side?     :whis:


The USB3/X52 problem relates only (AFAIK) to Windoze boxes fitted with certain current motherboards, notably some some <*cough*> Asus variants. 


Allegedly (but YMMV).    :P






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