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I've just noticed that Orbx have issued a new version of "FTX – The Definitive Guide", this one dated May 2016. (If you've got an older version you'll find that it isn't vastly different, but it has been updated in places).


The Guide tells you about all the stuff you need to know when installing (or uninstalling) Orbx scenery — how to use the insertion point to get the Orbx files at the correct position in your scenery.cfg hierarchy, the place and function of the various Orbx scenery offerings in what they call 'the simulator "Layer Cake"', useful options when using FTX Central, the importance of doing OrbxLibs last in any installation session, and a lot of other useful information that will explain what you're dealing with if (or when) your scenery goes down the Orbx route.


You can download the new version from here, although I've also saved the May 2016 version as an attachment to this post, to save you a click or two. [Joe, please delete it if you feel that it might adversely affect your bandwidth!  ^_^ ].


The Guide is 46 pages long, but I reckon that if you're using Orbx then it pays to be aware of everything that's in there.   :)





a.k.a. brian747


Orbx FTX Definitive Guide May 2016.pdf

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Ah, now I know how I found it, in FTX Central there is a link in the main screen bottom left hand corner, labelled "Orbx Guide" phew! I thought I was going mad! :heat:

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Cheers, Wayne!   :)





FYI — I just clicked the "Orbx Guide" link in FTX Central, and what it brought up was not the May 2016 Definitive Guide. (Presumably they haven't updated the link yet).


The version I get from the link in FTX Central has a green band with "Volume 1" at the top left-hand corner, and is called "An Introduction & Overview". (It has 41 pages)


The May 2016 'Definitive Guide' (downloaded from the links I gave in the first post in this thread) has no such green band, and has "MAY2016" below the words "FTX" and "The Definitive Guide". That one has 46 pages.


Whatever....  YMMV, but I'm working on the simple basis that the latest is the greatest....    :P






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