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So here are a few more shots. I am really loving this one, the IXEG737 is on the backburner at the moment.


Having the AFE is a great help in learning this one, gradually easing myself into it. Printed off the 54 page manual and the 2 tutorials, the other one is a 333 page PDF POH. Detail on this is amazing, its my first PMDG so I guess this is what you are used to if you already have one.


Been learning the takeoff, rotate, climb, level flight, trimming, AP and linking to GPS.... nearly ready now to tackle the tutorials.


It is very important to read the small manual and set up switches etc to get the best out of this and make it easier. You can also turn off/on certain aspects like real startup etc and cut down on the use of the AFE.


I never thought I would be enjoying the DC6 as I always flew GA until last year when I tried Aerosofts 320, but this is something different again..







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PMDG are exactly like that - it needs to be realistic and then that adds to the challenge of mastering the plane. It's great you're enjoying this one. Looks superb mate great captures!

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