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Took a chance and bought 2004, installed just fine, but will not run on my win10 machine. Keep getting do you want this app to make changes  to your PC? Click yes but nothing happens. Anybody any ideas? Any help would be great.

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Phil, I'm afraid there may be a huge problem with fs2004 and win 10. Microsoft closed off a security issue with CD DRM software, rendering loads of games from 2003 to 2008 unable to run. Fs2004 is one of them. 


There are things you can try. Firstly, you can try installing the sim in its own directory, away from the default one in /programs (x86) folder. This is a known issue for lots of programs including FSX. 


Next make sure you have the FS9.1 update installed. It should still be available from somewhere. 



thirdly, you could try setting the fs2004's compatibility to winXP SP3. Do this by right clicking on the fs2004 icon and selecting properties, then comparability. This may help. 


The third option is not one I'd recommend, but you can get a patch called Fs9nocd or something. It removes the need for disk 4 to be in the drive. It's strictly not legal though, since you're bypassing the DRM on the software. 


sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 


Best wishes,

Jess B

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