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Gavin is back!


I am away from my flight sim pc so I have a general question for you folks regarding the PMDG 777. I have been flying the airbus x for almost a year now and have encountered many issues that have been fixed some issues still linger. (I am aware that is going to happen in flight sim) I am very exited to purchase the PMDG 777 and fly those long hauls, and ultra long haul flights. When I purchase the PMDG 777 lets say in 3 weeks to a month are there any issues I can expect, bugs, anything reported recently? And what are the chances of getting an OOM at the end of a long flight. 


On an other note I have notice a significant loss in FPS in FSX SE. I do have a lot of addons and sceneries. But I have lost around 10 frames ( on average). I did get a message saying a driver had encountered an error and needed to shut down or something along those lines would that effect my performance? (As you folks know well I am a newbie with PC's). I would like to have strong performance in flight sim when i get the PMDG 777.


Thanks in advance Gavin

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Hi Gavin, set your fps rate at 30 and forget about looking at it anymore, only get worried if you get the stutters.


It might help to put your PC's specs into your signature to help others gauge what you can and might not be able to get away with running addon wise.


There is always a chance of getting a OOM depending on how much memory you are using. Read this article here to get a better understanding of it.


If you are getting a error about a driver make sure all your drivers are up to date. Check instructions carefully as sometimes you might need to delete the old ones or reinstall the one that has the error and then reinstall the latest version. You can check your error log(Event Viewer) and see if you can find which specific driver is causing the error.


When purchasing a new aircraft or other addon it is always go onto their website to check for the latest updates and any other information that might be of note.


I do not own that aircraft so hopefully others can fill you in on the particulars. Good luck.:) 

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I have steam edition and the PMDG 777 - I have no issues at all. But then it all depends on your PC specs, your addons used and a whole bunch of other stuff in the middle. All I can say is the 777 does use a lot of resource just like the 737 from PMDG, so maybe flying into a heavy dense populated area with lots of autogen etc. it may be a problem depending on your setup. 


At the end of the day though, even people with identical hardware can get different performance and issues when it comes down to FSX. 


If you do get the plane, you will definitely not regret it - superb plane and a joy to fly and look at. 

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Hi all:

Here are my specs simple form:



gtx 960

8 ram



I always get strong FPS but recently I have seemed to have lost a lot of performance. 

I will look into driver updates however as I said I am away from that PC.


Cheers G.


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From those specs you shouldn't have many issues - but as I have said previously; you can have all the power and still have issues. FSX is a 32bit application so it struggles with resource and applying the power ;)


You add the 777 on top of active sky next, scenery addons, airport addons, HD clouds and other textures - all adds up and ends up bumming out your sim. 


What I used to do is copy my scenery config, delete all entries that I do not need for airliner flying - e.g. orbx engand / photoscenery etc - then only keep in the airports I am using too. This would mean I would have airport scenery but once I takeoff it would be default - who cares I am 36k feet up right? :)

I get OK frames using the 777 and I have orbx england activated with autogen and all the clouds from REX, airport scenery too (UK2000) - so just give it a try. 


All else fails - roll back the autogen slider when flying the 777 - and if that doesn't help, reduce cloud draw distance / density too etc. I am sure you will find the right balance that suits you as the 777 is very immersive on it's own anyways.


Good luck!


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Thanks Jim ahah,


Ya I understand, but I think its a driver issue and something that I need to change. I will look and see if my drivers need updating. I would get 20 - 25 frames with the airbus x at London Heathrow with ASN, FTX global, uk2000 etc... I will open new topic with anymore FPS issues. As I said I want to clear this up or get an idea of FPS issues before I purchase the PMDG 777.


Thanks G

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Yes good point Wain, one last question I think I need to update a few different drivers I guess it depends on which one will those ( older drivers ) effect my performance? I have never faced this low FPS in FSX.

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25 isn't bad at all - I think for me, as long as it stays above 20 and remains smooth, you don't notice much difference between that and 30. The key is how smooth the sim looks. 


I have better performance with the PMDG planes than the Airbus X, but this is obviously different for different people. 

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On 11/07/2016 at 17:02, wain said:

I think PMDG could be my next purchase, limited as I am on P3D only but after tasteing their DC6 in XP10 I am keen. I will be very interested how this goes for you...

I love the 737 and the expansion includes a 600 variant - this little one is my favourite hehe.

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