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REX / Milviz's WX Advantage Weather Radar

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Looks like a very good piece of equipment. And a fair grade given to it especially given the comment/neg report that it shuts off when you switch views...doh. :(

If I were a tube flyer and flew IFR a lot, I would be seriously interested in this, but as I mostly light GA and VFR, I tend to just use the ASN map as my Weather Radar...it has a HUGE field of view. :)


Interestingly, some of my aircraft interface with ASN already, and display weather on their built in weather radars...the clarity doesn't match what I see in Brian's review of WXAR, but suits my needs.


Great review of a neat product Brian...thanks for your effort!

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Quite an interesting product.  But a couple of things on my mind.  1) can you open the weather panel and drag and drop it where you like? I typically use a second monitor and place various guages on it (FMC, GPS, etc).  Or is this a fixed panel?  2) What is point of seeing potential turbulence if FSX doesn't simulate turbulence?

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Hi Richard,

You can indeed open the panel and place wherever you wish. It has the same attributes as any other panel in your flight sim', where you can right click on the panel and undock it, then move it to your desired location.

There are some aircraft though that have the panel integrated into the aircrafts cockpit. Having said that you would still be able to open a separate panel and move it where you wish.


As for FSX and turbulence, I have my turbulence setting set quite high in aircraft realism and this coupled with Active Sky Next weather, I do get buffeted about in strong winds, so this facility does actually have a role to play.


Hope this helps.


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