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PMDG 737 for P3Dv3

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So the above I have decided will be the purchase that for a while will complete my hangar. My only experiance with PMDG has been the DC6 in XP10 and I really like that. I have been flying Aerosoft A320 for a while now and most of the time get on ok with it however I would like a 737 but had a bad experiance with CS777 and the lack of a tutorial and am concerned regarding my next AC purchase. 


So just a few question before I buy in a week or so....


Are any of you using it in P3Dv3 and are there any issues?


Do the tutorials explain and teach all you need to set you up for future flight?


Do PFPX plans export okay into the FMC?


Is there a tool that sets up things like fuel..pax and cargo..much like the Aerosoft fuel planner?.


I know the Bus and the Boeing are 2 different AC but my only experiance is with the bus and I want the 737 to be as good..I know the DC6 in XP is really good and I do enjoy that ao hopefully their 737 is as good....


Thanks for your advice...


PS guess I will have to clean a lot of windows to pay for that..lol...sorry do we do lol or are we too grown up for that...



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was hoping to have got some pointers with this one, I have decided not to buy the Dash as people are still reporting issues in AH2 and just want to make sure that the  pmdg 737 is worth the money.....I will await replies before I buy....

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I like the 737 ngx from PMDG, but I have used it only in fsx. I know of no issues really in p3d v2 but I haven't seen v3, especially v3.4.

it is quite a resource heavy aircraft but I used Matt Davies settings for a320x from fslabs (check you tube-it's for fsx) and It gives me usable rates. Better than the PMDG 777 not as good as the majestic dash. Although that isn't entirely useful.

if you have specific questions regarding the operation of the cs 777 I would be delighted to help. I don't have the cs version so I can't help with their interface but I do have knowledge of boeings version.

i don't have time to write a tutorial flight but I could help you with a short flight from dark and a transit setup. It is a beautiful simple aircraft.

i believe there is a PMDG tutorial for the ngx included in the install folder and flights taken from many different positions of the tutorial in the saved flights after install.

the PMDG 777 forum on avsim is also very useful for 777 operation although again not specific to the cs version.

good luck


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Hello Wain, I own the PMDG 737 NGX for P3D version 3.4 and I reassure you, there are no problems with it. PMDG has specially released a version for 3.4; As far as the documentation is concerned, you have available tutorials that explain step by step the operation of the plane, plus you have a tool that allows you to keep the 737 up to date and that manages the download and the Installation of the liveries. This is by far the best addon for this type of plane and with a little training you will take pleasure in flying in liner.

Regards Fred

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