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Parked at Welshpool

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So I updated my old 172 chrome livery to have my normal registration - it used to be 'JD-29' as I was 29 when I painted her and was only just getting into the simming world back then. It was not so easy as I had a custom alpha on this one too so a bit more fiddling than usual. Well I took her out for an hours flight from East Midlands to Welshpool and grabbed a shot after parking...



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10 hours ago, wain said:

nice, is that ORBX?...love the chrome effect....


I believe it is ORBX but I do get confused with all my scenery these days lol. I do think it is though ;)


The chrome effect is what I was going for, I based it on a real world 50's plane - somewhere on the A2A forums you can find the post when the original was released, in there is the picture I used to kind of base this repaint off. 

One thing to point out is the paint is less shiny than the chrome - this is done using the alpha in the repaint :) It requires a bit more work but it's worth it in my opinion.


Thanks for the comments guys

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2 hours ago, brett said:

Very nice paint job and pic Jim, :thum: I have been thinking about getting that airport, it looks great in your shot.  


Get it - I am always in and out of that place and I live in East Midlands so not exactly a local one in the sim :) But it is well worth the hour or so flight.


It has deer in a near by field, air ballons coming and going, people working on aircraft and a neat looking fire engine?


Cheers all!

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