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This new Mosi from JF is yet another example of Aeroplane Heaven producing a very good model and then releasing it without ironing out a number of glaring mistakes. All they had to do was watch the YouTube video Kermit Weeks ‘DH Mosquito inspection tour’ (recommended) to see where they had gone wrong in a number of instances and then get a pilot to check it out.
One of my favourite models is the AH Spitfire Mk Vb despite it now being rather dated but even so  the control quadrant levers work back to front and the mag switches cannot be operated separately so no magneto checks in the pre take-off checks.  Anyone who has done a bit of flying could have put the modellers right on such basic things but they don’t seem to bother which seems a shame.
Never the less the new JF Mosquito is great fun albeit a tad expensive especially as it has a number of faults.
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