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Final ATWC 6 flight..

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Hi guys

Its good to be back.. the PC is in the process of being re-built and although it is early days, I'm eager to get back into it!

I was wondering when the final flight of ATWC6 was going to be posted. Did i miss something during my regrettable absence? is it still in production?


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Hi Minx,


Great to see you back safe and presumably with the Blackbird and hubby!


There were major problems with FS recordings that were ruined when Micke's PC ran out of memory for the final run. Micke did his utmost to post something but to no avail.


Maybe we could talk him into, maybe, flying the final leg again? 

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Hi Joe

Yep, hubby, the Blackbird and I all made it back safely from our European tour :D


Have lots still to sort out with the PC, but i'll get there..


Thats such a shame that the last flight didn't make it to the boards.. If you are going to re-fly it, then hopefully I can make it this time. I was away last time you flew it.


Keep me posted! :-)


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I would be up for a refly...that was a blast.

Shame the antics and commentary were lost... :( The dialog seemed well practiced however and betting The Crew will have an easy time recreating drunk pilot dialog. :)

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