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Ikarus C42 Fixed Wing Microlight - COMCO Approved

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Evening everyone!


Some exciting news (I'm especially excited about this as I fly the aircraft in real life and I think the microlight market is one that's lacking in FSX) but there is a new Ikarus C42 model coming to FSX and P3D tomorrow!


You can check it out here: http://airsim720.com/


It's created by the chaps at sim720, it's COMCO approved and has been tested by real pilots. Not sure how much, but it looks awesome! I know there are people looking for something like this or even this particular aircraft so pretty chuffed that there's finally going to be one available!


Cheers all!



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Hi Dave and welcome to the forums here.:hat:


There are some microlight's out there for FSX and if done right this would be a welcome addition, thanks for the heads up.:)


I notice this is a new company and was wondering if you are connected to them in any way, if so I will place this thread in the Press Release section, thanks.

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