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Historic Timings re Dam Buster Mission

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I've an issue with timing during this mission. The references I have imply that takeoff timing was at 9.39pm for Gibson's takeoff. They also imply it was just before sunset. If I set the FS X date/time to 16th May 1943 9.39pm it's after sunset.


Now I believe back then the UK and Germany were running on "Double Summer Time."


If I set my date/time to 8.39pm sun position looks more like just pre-sunset. It looks as though FS X is running on "Single Summer Time," so for the lighting to be "Double Summer Time" I need to make all my times in FS X 1hr earlier than the documented ones in all the books I read?


This may also help with the level of Moon illumination.... all fun stuff sorting this out!!


Anyone else running "Historic Missions" run into this sort of issue?


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