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Orbx - FTX: NA PAVD Valdez Pioneer Field Released

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Valdez is a small town in southern Alaska. It is also one of the most important ports of Alaska with the Trans-Alaska pipeline ending here. This incredibly scenic place is a popular tourist location, famous for its marine life and glaciers, and it also offers heli-skiing tours. We have included the entire bay of Valdez with the town, oil terminal and of course a highly detailed rendition of the Valdez Pioneer Field airport. The location of Valdez, surrounded by the mountains and glaciers, is a very fascinating place to discover. It's simply a very beautiful place that never stops to amaze. Valdez is perfectly located for short hops to Kenai, Anchorage and Homer, making it an amazing addition to your Alaskan adventures. Around the area we have included a few spots with campers, hikers and even a cabin with a helipad.


  • Super-detailed rendition of Valdez Pioneer Field airport.
  • Large photoscenery coverage with 7/30/60 cm and 1 meter resolution
  • Handpainted high resolution detailed ground textures at the airport
  • High-resolution terrain covering the whole scenery
  • Advanced rendering technique featuring atmospheric night light effects & ambient occlusion
  • Cabin with helipad, campers, hikers, bears, birds, whales and reindeer to be discovered
  • By Marcus Nyberg and Philip Schall


For more detail click https://fullterrain.com/product/pavd

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Agree with you on that Joe and Loic...so what I try to do is, right after I buy a new scenery I land and take-off from it at least 40 times. That amortizes the landing and take-off fees down to about $1 each... I can live with that. :D

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15 hours ago, mutley said:

I think that is true of a lot of scenery addons Loic :huh:


That's probably why I buy only detailed airfields where I have an AH base, or the other way around move my base to a nice add-on airport ( did that for KHQM and PAHO ).  When they are a destination for the odd AH flight, I'm happy with the default Orbx ( which are already improved ) or I use freeware ones.

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