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Just wondering......


I have the rather nice Aerosoft Tomcat which I have been enjoying for a while.  However, it does seems to have VERY loud sound effects when it comes to the flaps and other control surfaces moving....even if viewed from the tower!! I presume the sound is to mimic the hydraulics working, but to me, it seems overdone.  Any thoughts.....?



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Throw a shoe at it...works to shush my neighbor's loud tomcat. :)



P.s. Dont have this one, but yeah...some of my paywares have annoyingly over done sounds. Heck...some scenery does too...listening to quaking ducks alongside a roaring turboprop makes me afraid to leave the plane. :-)

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On ‎10‎/‎24‎/‎2016 at 17:46, brett said:

You can always redo the sounds in a freeware audio editor like the Free Audio Editor, just back up the old ones. I say this hoping that none of the sounds are aliased to any default sound files.

That's an interesting idea.  I have never used an audio editor, but it may be worth a try.  Thanks for the idea, Brett.  :thanks:



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