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Great news for fans of British jets.....

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While doing a bit of browsing, I have found out that Just Flight are developing a Hawker Hunter F.6/FGA.9.  There are pictures of it already on their site.  Now the REALLY exciting bit....some pictures depict the machine in the colors of Jonathon Whaley's much loved 'Miss Demeanor'.  I can't wait..... What's strange is that last night, I dug out my Alpha Sim Hunter and thought that the cockpit looked a bit flat compared to today's renditions in FSX, and today...well!... I find out the (hopefully) joyful news!!  :thum:


Another 'goodie' is that it appears that Aerosoft are releasing another E.E. Lightning...this time the T4/T5 variants.


One disappointment is that it was mooted that the Just Flight Tornado would be modified for use with TacPack.  This will not happen now.  It appears that Just Flight was owned by Mastertronics, who have now gone bankrupt and it was they who were promoting the TacPack idea.  Obviously, Just Flight are still going.  (I found this information on the Just Flight Forum page for the Tornado).


Happy flying!!



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I have TacPac for P3D.  I just don't use it at the moment, I am interested in flying and not blowing stuff up.  


The refueling aspect looks fun but I haven't got around to doing that as yet.


I am not exactly disappointed to hear the TacPak wont be added to the Tornado. It isn't something I cant live without.

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I can live without the TacPack Tornado, as after all, there are now quite a few planes out there that are TacPack compatible, but I was looking forward to it initially when it was mooted as an idea.


My understanding is that the Hunter is now in beta testing.



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3 hours ago, dodgy-alan said:

The Hawker Hunter is my favourite all time aircraft.  I have plenty in the hangar from various sources. Miss D being one of them. The real aircraft is up for sale in fact if you're interested! :D


Very nice pictures, Alan.  I have seen Miss D in real life, but only in the static park.  I was aware that she was up for sale, but she's not in my price range!!!  :stars:

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I used to work with Jonathan Whaley when I was at Booker.  He was considering buying a Bronco at the time and commissioned me to build him a model one. He also did some of our film work, the last one I was involved with being "The Wind in the Willows" where he was flying the Manning Flanders MF-1 whilst in the guise of Mr Toad!  I later bumped into him at Bournemouth where he was flying Hunters out of there. He made himself highly unpopular on one occasion as he flew a T7 (G-HVIP) in and dumped the brake chute on the active runway!  Great character and still one of the foremost Hunter pilots in the country.

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