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My thoughts on Simworks Phantom F-4B

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A little while back, I was asking if anyone had tried the Simworks F-4B Phantom.  Well, I bit the bullet and bought it.  While it is in the open Beta stage, I am NOT disappointed. Ok, I am not a talented simmer and I am not great on the computer, but this sim rocks.  I have not tried the Tacpack or carrier features, but the flight dynamics are more forgiving than the MilViz Phantom series.  There are some VERY colorful schemes, including the USAF F-110 Spectre!!  There is a vast array of things to hang from the wings and I am looking forward to getting to know this machine better in due course.  If you are in the least bit tempted, I would say 'Go for it'. :D


(By the way, I am not affiliated in any way to Simworks!!!  This is just my honest opinion to any Phantom phans out there!!)



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Thanks for that Martin.

I'm not in to military flying personally (not yet at least), but I know a few here that will take on board  your honest opinion. 

Glad you like it.

Post a few screenshots to give us the full flavour. 




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