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Back again.....I am completely bamboozled trying to set up some working Trim controls on my trusty Saitek X52 Pro. Despite trying different buttons, levers and trap doors nothing I've tried has provided a satisfactory solution. Might add that the flaps and gear controls went in without any problem.

 Any thoughts, helpful folk?


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James, if you are using FSUIPC, click on the buttons/switches tab then press or slide the button you want to use for the trim. FSUIPC should automatically register your input. Then scroll down the list until you find the trim you wish to use that button for ie.  Elevator, Rudder. 

Then it's the same procedure for the other direction.

Hope this helps.

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It's a free download James.

You only need to purchase a license if you want the extra goodies that it comes with. 

The free version is all you require at this moment.

Just search for FSUIPC and download it. 

You wont regret it.


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7 hours ago, Captain Coffee said:

Where are the FSUIPC controls located...where to find the "Open" to do this in FSUIPC???...I have never used it to adjust my peripherals, but would like to give it a try.

Hi Matt,

I read your question again and understand what you are asking.

There is no button or switch in a flight sim that I know of, that has the capability of opening FSUIPC.

You will find it under the 'Add-ons' tab in the  menu bar at the top of the screen. (usually the last tab)

If you can't see the menu bar, press the alt key and that should bring it up.

Add-ons is where FSUIPC will install to by default.

Once you click on FSUIPC it opens a panel with several tabs on it, where you can do anything from calibrating your yoke, pedals etc to mapping buttons, switches and key presses.

Hope this helps.

I have found FSUIPC to be invaluable.



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6 hours ago, stu7708 said:

Just a thought here.. In order to be able to assign controllers in FSUIPC I think one needs the registered version....


You are correct sir, as I found out last night. I will probably pony up for the pay version of this down the road at some point. I find the in game Axis adjustments to be useless with my saitek quadrant...rpm and mix levers never move at the same rate in the sim.

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