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LOWER pricing on 85% of Orbx airports!

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News in from John Venema


Hello everyone,


For some time now we've felt that there has been some disparity between the features and content of our airports versus their pricing.


So we spent some time creating a matrix of features of each airport which resulted in them being placed in one of three tiers; Silver, Gold or Platinum.


What we found was that pricing all Orbx airports at Platinum pricing was taking away the unique extra value provided by airports with added features such as bonus airfields, helipads, large photoreal areas, number of models etc.


So the result is that:


  • 21 airports have been reduced in price by 37.5% to become the entry-level Silver tier
  • 67 airports have been reduced in price by 17.5% to become the mid-range Gold tier
  • 16 airports have remained at their current price to become the premium Platinum tier





These pricing changes are effective immediately and available from OrbxDirect now!


As we introduce new airports to our catalogue, they will be measured against our tiering criteria and priced accordingly. Our aim over the coming years is to focus more on Platinum quality airports which offer the most value for money by giving a lot more to experience, explore and enjoy.

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Nice, maybe some of those PNW addons I have passed on will fall from Tempting to an Irresistable Price Range on an upcoming sale...holidays are nearly heeeerrreeeeej!!!...and let me flesh out the rest of the PNW area with those W and WA fields just moved to the Silver tier. :D

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