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Toe dipping

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Hi James, the only one I saw in the downloads section was from Rob named 'Orbx FTX EU Wales Tour' which is not really a FSX mission but a series of FSX flight plan(.PLN) files.


There was a Readme text file include in the download that has the following instructions,




Simply extract the .pln files into documents\flight simulator x files (where all your FSX flight plans are stored). They will then show up for you to fly in FSX



I usually extract any .zip folder on my desktop and manually paste stuff where it belongs. I am guessing that the Steam version is basically the same as the boxed so you would copy/paste the plan files from the download to where the .PLN files are kept, in my case it's C:\Users\MY NAME\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files, so I would look there first.


Since Rob didn't include the flight setup files you will have to set yourself up at each airport, shown in the .PLN file name, then using the menu bar retrieve the flight plan and then go fly. You can simplify things by saving your flight at your destination and just reloading the next flight plan for the next stop. You can also preview the flight plan in PlanG if you wish. 


Hope that answers your question.:)



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As Bertie Wooster would say, "Having had my beaker of Oolong", I have finally read your most helpful mail. I should have been looking for something of an 'exe.' file, should I not. I assume that with many of the other Missions such an element will exist.

Many thanks for detailed explanation. Bit by bit you are extending my knowledge. 


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Speaking of "Dipping Toes" into Missions (Thread hijack and photobomb alert!!!).


There was a couple mission packs on sale at PC Aviator, I picked one up ( Flight Tales II - Adrenaline ) along with a new to me Aerosoft DiscusX glider/motorglider (To expand my glider hangar..up to 3 now...whoot.) and Virtavia's C-17 (To get serious about making money in Airhauler...my freeware C5 is a bit too plain for me these days). God I love holiday sales!!! :D


Anyhoo...my first toe dip into this mission pack was to rescue a trawler from an arctic ice pack using thermite charges to melt the ice...worked a charm.



Until well, it caught on fire after we got it free, we aren't sure if it was crew error or resulting from the overheated water overwhelming the trawler's cooling system....


Resulting in a rush dash back in our mother ship and a rescue op that only managed to get 2/3 of the crew onboard...


Before it went under, leaving us to pull people out of the water in our Bell 206...regrettably, I was unable to finish the mission. I had lag issues on my machine (an untenable situation when trying to micro maneuver a helicopter 2 feet above waves), and we had to quit with a few bodies still in the icy drink...but we shall return.



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Sounds like a fun mission you little hijacker you,:P thanks for the pics and enjoy the missions.:thum: I would like to know if any ground based missions interfere with any scenery you have installed such as ORBX/FTX products, I have found this to be true in older mission packs.



On ‎11‎/‎24‎/‎2016 at 04:28, Onward79 said:

I should have been looking for something of an 'exe.' file, should I not. I assume that with many of the other Missions such an element will exist. 



If I was to purchase a payware mission it would most certainly include an installer (.exe file) that would place all the required files in their respective places. That's great if the missions you purchased were from a reputable source but in the world of freeware missions we always like to err on the side of caution. It is not like the mission makers can't or don't know how to create an installer, over the years users decided they didn't want any untested files being placed in our computers so mission makers ended up zipping up their files up as is and let the users manually install the files so the user can vet any files they don't want to install.


I am not just worried about any virus that may be put into my computer, many missions I have downloaded over the years from popular sites have included files such as gauges or effects, to name a few, that have overwritten my original files that were less that good when using an installer. Most missions without an installer will have a readme file that will explain where each file goes, if you do have any questions about this please feel free to ask them here.


In the downloads section you will find various types of flight situations, the first is like the one from Rob that we discussed above that only included the flight plans (.pln files). Others might include not only the flight plan file but also the flight setup files that will end up showing up in your Freeflight section of FSX,(EDIT: Found using the Saved Flights Tab) these would also include a flight file (.FLT) that will include all the aircraft parameters, in other words the state of the aircraft, it's location and so on, a weather file (.WX file) that is self explanatory and a save file (.FSSAVE file) that will actually start the flight within FSX. These files would be placed in the same location in your documents folder as were Rob's plan files.


The next are actual missions that have many more files and will show up in the Missions section in FSX. The easy mission installs use default aircraft and scenery already on your computer the more complicated ones require you to install other payware or freeware aircraft, repaints or scenery. At one time I wanted to learn how to make missions and finally, after much instruction, produced a helicopter one that actually came out ok and had only minor mistakes that to this day I have yet to fix.:rolleyes: If you fly it all the way through without the detours it works out fine, it's in the download section under the name 'The Pinnacle'. It does require a repaint but if you don't wish to use it I provided detailed instructions to not only install the mission but to bypass the use of the repaint. Download it and if you have any questions I will fill in the gaps. I highly recommend any missions by ddavid, they are fun and use default aircraft.



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