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Rlaborie Airbus A400 install issue

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I am trying to install the above aircraft and it seems I have a problem.

The install crashed part the way through and so I had to start again. I go through the install process again and it fails with some weird error messages.

Here is what it is supposed to do:


  • Start the install process and follow the instructions until you have to add the licence key.
  • The licence key is entered along with the users details***
  • A code is generated which is entered into the next screen and off the install goes - job done 


My install crashed at ***

There is no sign of any A400 files in the simobjects directory.

Now when I install the followings happens:


  • Start the install process and follow the instructions until you have should add the licence key.
  • The licence key page is skipped and the program goes straight to the page where generated code is to be entered.
  • Whatever code is entered here, two errors spring up in boxes and tell me that I must enter a name and that I cannot focus on a disabled or invisible window.


So clearly the install crash has left something behind that it is finding and therefore skipping parts of the program.


SimMarket is where this add-on is to be found and they give no support whatsoever.


Any ideas anyone?


Any sort of help would be very much appreciated.




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Hey JG,

As far as I can tell, your system has probably created orphan registry entries which are spoiling your reinstall attempt.

So this is a tricky one, personally I would go storming in with RegEdit or CCleaner looking for registry entries that shouldn't be there, once  they are cleaned out then your system, in regard to this aircraft, is vanilla.

I am sure with your IT skills you could investigate along this line?



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Thanks Joe.

The registry is a dark art for me.  However I suspect you are correct and it will come to an expedition with RegEdit. I would feel happier if I knew which part any such changes would be in though.

I think it will be RegEdit, a notebook and pencil and some crossed fingers! :huh: 

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