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Righto, gentlemen. Tim the Man of Plan G suggested that, like President Trump, "it is easy" to set up TeamViewer on one's iPad and then see on there what is on a monitor. However that presupposes one has at least a pair of monitors. Hence my raising this query in the hope there might be another solution.

Ah well......

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OK, I think you have answered your own question James, it seems like a lot of hard work though. You could install TeamViewer for IOS (phone and iPad) here.. https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/ios/ and use it to connect to your flight sim PC where Plan-G would be running? As you are an existing TV user you would probably have a good idea how to do this. Alternatively, a second monitor would better solution and you would have a screen size that would be massively easier to view!

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