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Multi-Engine Rules!

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Aww, that's too bad, it was a nice video. The interesting part, not mentioned in the article, that there was two planes on approach with PAN declared, at the same time.

Just from memory - can't recall the calligns:

"Are you happy with 16L approach?

- No, we would like 16R.

- There is a PAN declared aircraft on 16R, can't estimate the delay on that.

- I don't understand, we are the PAN, we have medical emergency.

- There are two PAN at the same time, you are one of them, the other has engine failure.

- Oh, understood, 16L is fine."



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No question two is better than one when you lose a propeller.:D Thanks for the look Eddie, I always enjoy hearing how ATC takes care of business and also how calm they can be during emergencies.:thum: The other PAN with the insecurity complex was an added bonus.^_^

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