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Determing Cruising Altitude for the MEBAR Flight Legs

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Discrepancies have been encountered when using Plan-G to determine the cruising altitude for the MEBAR Flight Legs.


Consequently, it is highly recommened to use the free, online flight planning tool, Skyvector, for accurately determining your cruise altitude for the Flight Legs and to avoid hitting solid clouds.





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Skyvector is awesome.

Using Andrew's printed instructions for leg one I was able to calculate angles and set/drag wps easy peasy in Skyvector, and save a screenshot of the route for reference. I had to visually recreate the points in the FSX gps and the ingame flight planner, but having the Skyvector reference was a huge help with that. I flew the leg with VOR NAV1 and it's dme equipment and referenced the ADF for position at the #4 wp, and just used the GPS course as a visual aid...worked like a charm (seriously almost like magic)...and almost nailed my leg1 timing.

I never had to go above 5000 ft on this leg, thankfully as the winds were kicking butt the higher I went...yikes!!!

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