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Ultimate Traffic 2 vs.???

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I've been using ultimate traffic 2 for years and was wondering what others are using. I've read the reviews here and just what to upgrade. Should I stay with UT2 or go with Traffic 360 or My Traffic 6 or..... Thanks for your opinions and suggestions. :)

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I have heard UT2 has better looking aircraft and it is easily customized but I'm not sure if it can be installed in P3D, MT6 is easy to install in P3D but lack good looking AI. I think it would come down to what sim you are putting it into and do you like to tinker with the traffic routes and add new aircraft. I have Traffic 360 but was never really that impressed with the sounds. Others might have more detailed information.:)  

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We could really do with a brand new bang up to date traffic program. 


I agree with Brett, UT2 is still the best one to have and the best performance wise. I am sure I got it installed into P3D as it runs outside the sim and injects traffic via simmconnect. I also have MT6 which appears to generate more traffic but uses the traffic.bgl file so controlled by the traffic density sliders and can lead to a performance hit. Traffic 360, Jess tried to do a review of that in the past and it was so bad we decided not to publish!


So my advice would be stay put for the moment. :hat:

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28 minutes ago, Jammerjonn said:

Thank you both for your opinions.  I'm running windows 7 pro x64, is windows 10 pro x64 any better for gamming? I'm not sure if FSX-SE can take advantage of DX 12.....I did try DX10. Thanks

Make the transaction to Win 10 I certain find it on of the best Windows OS I've used. FSX:SE unfortunately is locked to DX9(and preview DX10). You will need to move to a new Sim platform like P3D v4 or X-plane to take advantage of newer graphics capabilities. Plus moving to v4 or XP means no more out of memory errors! 

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