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Back to FS finally!

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Hi all! After so so long out of the world of flight simulation I have finally cleaned my system up, Deleted a load of rubbish and done some tweaking! I have a new GPU coming and have purchased P3D!


I'm looking at PMDG series to purchase and have already started buying scenery :) I'm not sure about which traffic and weather addons to get though! I'm considering ORBx Global too!


Hope everyone is well?



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Hey Dan,

I reiterate what John has said, Thank you and all service personnel for your time OOA.

Our son was also on Op Herrick, so I know a little of what you've all been through.


Back to flight simming, welcome back. P3Dv4 is a must as are all the Orbx regions and vectors. I'm also running Active Sky for P3Dv4 if that's of any use to you.



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Hi Dan,


Great to see you back, and echo what Brian and John said.

Regarding the traffic, we've not had anything new for years so wait a short while to see what is definitely available for P3Dv4.




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Yey, welcome back Dan!

Great that you are home safely

I've been out of it for a while too, but having been back a week or so, its like i never left.

Hope to see you up flying and posting once you have the PC running sweet



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