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Help! Boxed Orbx add ons purchased from "Flightstore"

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The FTX Central 3 debacle continues...


I have several boxed copies of ORBX add ons which i purchased from 'Flightstore' ... NOT 'Flight Sim Store'

How on earth do Install those?  I can't find anything on the Orbx forum as everything relates to FSS.


Am i being thick here? What on earth do i do with them?


I'm already looking at the possibility of having to re-purchase all the Orbx software that hubby bought for me from FSS (which refuses to transfer them to me), and i am going to go spare if i have to re-purchase everything from Flightstore as well


Help please guys..:(

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Yep.. only have issues with Orbx at the mo.


I did a clean install of FSX, then installed FTX central 3.  


I had some items that i purchased from FSS which i had moved to orbx direct and am trying to install those (with some problems)..

I have some that lance purchased for me from FSS  which they refused to transfer to my account.

I have several boxes copies that I purchased from FlightStore that I need to install but I remember that they used to try and install FTX central as part of the installation..


As I installed FTXC3 from a clean machine rather than upgrading from FTX2, I'm a bit stuffed..  I can't even use Orbx England or fly from my local field. .. very frustrating.


One last question... when I have been installing the ones from Orbx direct I'm being asked if I want to make a backup copy. My query is, should all the backups just go in one folder or do I have to segregate them by each type? E.g. global, vector, PNW etc.  I'm baffled..



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