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Terrific looking model...what I'd expect from Milviz. Some of the niggles are fairly minor it seems...fer instance I can live with a C at the end of my comms and most planes don't even have cargo/pax interior changeability...B+ for Effort I say, upgrade-able to an  A- if they do some extra credit homework on it. :D

If I had the funds I'd definitely pick this up as it looks like a great upgrade from Aerosoft's BeaverX, but I'm holding out for the Otter coming out soon by AH for it's extra haulage, and I already have the still quite serviceable BeaverX.

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Good review, thanks. I've been flying it a bit recently and I like it better than the Aerosoft version, not that there's anything wrong with the Aerosoft effort. I find it a little harder on VAS than, say, the A2A C172, but to be fair I only noticed it because I had my LOD set too high anyway. I'm not mad about the radio options, but as I don't own any of the payware GPS's, the two Milviz GPS's work well for me. The weather radar is nice, although I'm not sure how realistic it is to have it in a Beaver...but I'm open to correction on that one.  What I'm not happy about is announcements that things won't be fixed. Such a Carenado-like approach is not what I'd expect from Milviz.  Other developers have managed functioning autopilots and radios without display glitches, why can't Milviz? Blaming things on underlying weaknesses of the sim seem to be a bit of a cop-out. 

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Thanks for the review Joe, I was looking forward to this one and the review was well done indeed.:thum:


To be honest I'm not that impressed with this release, I'm not a fan of the MVAMS system, 2D gauges with a 40 buck price tag, a so-so panel and a statement from them that they will not fix certain issues. Not exactly something consumers like to hear.  Also their minimum rig requirements are not so true in most cases, their aircrafts can be a fps killer with lower end PC's. I do like their adapting all four undercarriage versions and it does look nice so maybe I'll pick it up in a sale just for S's&G's one day because I have been looking for a new Beaver to replace the old Xversion. Maybe if I hear folks raving about it, which I haven't, it will change my views and move up my purchase.:)





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I had a very constructive email back from Osh at Milviz querying the cargo and GPS problems to which I replied with evidence.


Also, Osh advised there IS another update in Beta which should address problems with the autopilot.


So kudos to MIlviz, the developer that listens!

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