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Anyone with any knowledge or personal experience of these devs or their 717?...I have looked on their site, read somereviews etc...I beleive you have to opt in for beta for p3d4, however before I take the plunge I wanted to know if anyone else was using this.....



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I've been using it since it became available on v4 beta. 

Very nice aircraft reminiscent of MD11. Continually being developed no obvious faults though. FMC is good. 

Recommended by me!

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17 hours ago, wain said:

@Christopher Low did you get this? What sim? Any views on it? 

Hi Wain

I got the 717 at launch and it has been improved and supported very well over the last 12 months.

Reminds of the MD11 and has FMC similar to airbus.  

Systems are good. FMC reliable - but not yet got holds - coming soon I understand.

I flew this last night (KLAX to KLAX on Pilotedge) and it is one of my 'go to airliners'.  In a way preferable to the NGX - but not quite at that level.

Very nice aircraft. No regrets.


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@Dean33 cheers for that, I think I will wait just a little longer on this one, I am p3d4 so would have to beta opt in, I am glad you are getting great experiances with it, out of interest which sim are you using? It says p3d4 on your sig......  It looks superb on screen both inside and out and looking at their forum it looks like the devs are very active.......definatley one for the future, might just wait on the side lines, unless opt in is easy.........

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ok thanks Dean, I think this is probably my next purchase but recently picked up a 747 so will be busy learning that for a while......was looking at flythemaddogX recently, looks like that could be promising, I have one in XP from Rotate, I like but I fluctuate between the 2 sims so haven't used it for a while......

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