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IRIS C27J Spartan - help!

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Inspired by @OzWookiee ATWC leg, I have purchased the Spartan, and what a nice aircraft it is!

The only issue I have is that my poor old eyes can't figure out where the ILS glideslope is :old-git:

Nav source is on TCN, I can track the localizer but I can't see any GS indication on PFD.

May anyone please help?


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Yea... Unfortunately I think we have to assume that if we can't fix it then it'll stay broke. =(

Shame, they have some nice birds and I'm trying to get the Spartan fully working in v4. Had to swap over Dave Dawsons audio gauge and a couple other things but the xml is killing me. 

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As a work around, if you just want a gauge to be able to see when you are on the GS...you could create a pop up nav instrument or HSI from the panel of another aircraft in your hangar adding to the panel.cfg of the Spartan.


If you have the carenado c-185 in your hangar it is super easy to do.

Copy the

WindowXX=Toggle_HI from the top section... paste it into the spartan panel.cfg at the bottom of the same section.


and copy the corresponding gauge section just below that looks like this...not for sure what numbers...so I used XX:

window_size= 0.110, 0.162
window_pos= 0.110, 0.680

gauge00=C185!Heading Indicator,  0,0,448,494


And paste in to the Spartan panel.cfg below the last Window section entry, and ensure the window numbers are in sequence.


Not elegant, but it will help catch the GS.



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I've found a way to intercept the glideslope with the Spartan.

Matt's advice has helped me to have a visual clue of the gs so I can manually fly it, but I've found that if you use the copilot AP, approach work as expected and automatically follows the ILS.

I've noticed it also thanks to the added Wefly autopilot. If you press APP on the pilot's side the approach light on Wefly goes away immediately and the ILS won't be flown automatically. Success is assured by the copilot instead!


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