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leg 11/12 Baton Handover

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We think this is the first time an ATWC baton handover has been done for realz . . . :pilotic:


In a secret Mutley's Hangar locTION somewhere "near" Macau, Tim hands the baton to Steph for onward transportation to Siam Reap.


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Nice handoff of the baton,:cool: funny how aircraft hangars look the same the world over.^_^


Sounds like the show was a success and everyone had a great time.:thum: A big thanks to Steph for helping out at the stand and to Joe and Tim for doing what they do best.:thanks:

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Somewhere in dankest Gdańsk Putinfeld gnashes his teeth in Frustration. "IT's IN FOOOKING COSFORD not China!!! YOU IDIOTS...and I told you  goons we weren't chasing some internet game pretend baton...IT'S REAL...Look at it, it's real, i knew it was real....mwhahahahaa."


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