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Just Flight DHC-3 Otter

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Thanks for thrashing that one out Andrew. I am very much wanting an Otter, but the quality of AH produced products lately, especially the faintly cartoonish texture and VC quality that you mention, seems to be creeping up in them, and had me very hesitant to pick up this JF model.


I am looking more closely at the MilViz version...many of their aircraft addons have that well worn "grungy" lived in and bashed about textured look that seems to be missing from this product...but should definitely be there on such old aircraft used in Bush ops.




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Totally agree with Andrew's review. I just got the plane and flown it a little. Flight dynamics are excellent as well as the external model but the interior is a big let down. Some of the more important gauges related to the engine (temperatures and so on) are difficult to read and do not have tool_tips to be able to ascertain exactly what the settings are. Having said that, it does not stop me from enjoying flying around and, yes, I would buy it again having experienced the aircraft now. I just think it is an expensive add-on for a basic set up.


As regards to Brett's question:

Does the flight performance change, as it should, with floats attached?.


I think it does, they are different AIR files and when I flew the floats, it felt clumsier (if that is the correct way of putting it). The take-off was certainly very different.


All the best,



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Thanks for the reply to my question Christian and welcome to the forums here at Mutley's Hangar.:) 


Always nice to hear what members think of a product and it seems your views align pretty well with the reviewer(Andrew). :thum:


Things like missing tooltips and other discrepancies are modeling/coding 101, they should actually be embarrassed with themselves.^_^

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