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Hi everybody. I am fairly new to simming but I would like to add a second monitor to my system. I would like to use it to display maps, GPS and other instruments, I just need to know how to do it. I have gone through the forum and can't really find the answers. eg what does undocking mean? Do I connect the second monitor to the graphics card? Sorry to sound a bit thick but I don't know.  I have X-plane 11 running on a quite high end Chiili Blast with all the bells and whistles. Thanks in anticipation :stars:

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Hi, Phil,


Welcome to Mutley's Hangar.


I was where you are a number of years ago with the same questions.  It all turned out to be pretty easy and I use a second monitor for exactly the same kinds of things you mention.  I do note you're using X-Plane and I'm on FSX so not sure if there won't be some differences there.  If so I can't address them.


Connect the monitor to any available port on your graphics card.  You may need an adaptor of some kind depending on the available ports and what kind of connector is on the monitor.  Once connected, Windows does most of the heavy lifting.  Your system will detect the new hardware and probably will ask you how you want it configured.  If not, a click on the desktop will bring up a menu with some options.  It's all pretty easy and once set up to your liking you don't have to re-visit that part of it.


 In FSX, when you open a window such as the GPS, a right click on the window will present a small menu and "undock window" will be one of the choices.  If you choose that, the window will get a border and a title bar.  Once undocked, you can click on the title bar and drag the window across to the other monitor.  It's pretty easy and becomes second nature in no time.



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10 minutes ago, Phil Tandy said:

I shall let you know my progress...


Please do that, Phil.  We're always interested in reading others experiences with how things went on all this "learning curve" stuff. 


Sometimes we forget to mention things we think are obvious too, so if there are snags, by all means check back here with further questions.  We learn from that too.  Bill Gates forgot to tell us about a great many things.  There are a lot of pretty sharp people on this forum, most of them a lot smarter than me.



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