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Leg 18.03 Longreach YLRE to Hamilton Island YHMI

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Had a decent meal last night and they put me up in the Staff Quarters which, was ok I guess, but the important thing was that the holy batton of Mutely was safe.


No alarm, no headache, yea I thought last night was a bit dull. But I got through my morning routine and was greeted by Geoff downstairs and we got in a Golf Cart and drove to the airport. Quick weather check (mostly clear skies by scattered closer to the coast) and I'm escorted out front of the terminal for the visual inspection, and introduction, of my ride for the day.



"Yea, we want you to give this beauty a test run on a little regional trip from here to the coast and back and give us your report. Antonov have been courting us for a while and we have been looking for a little regional jet for some of the smaller trips so they sent us an AN-148-100B."



"They even got the paint right, but don't pay attention to the rego, it's actually from one of our 717's that wont be flying whilst this little girl is here." Geoff then took me round and we completed the visual inspection before he introduced me to Yuri who was the Antonov Instructor that came with the 148.


"You fly jet before?" he asked as he crushed my hand in a gorilla grip that could pop a coconut.


"Yea, but nothing this small before. That's, that's one hell of a grip you got there Yuri, where you perhaps a bear wrestler in a former life?"


He just looked at me and released my hand.


And stared at me.


And laughed; "HA! You make good joke!" as he slaps me on the back hard enough to stagger. "Geoffrey, I like him, he can fly my bird."


(The way he said it though sounded like boid)



Don't ask me how by Yuri managed to squeeze himself into the right hand seat and took me through a quick familiarization with the 148 as we got her started and out onto the runway. Still under instruction, take off was by the numbers and we were soon up to our cruising altitude.




For once, the weather man was spot on. Just as we were hitting the ranges out side of Proserpine we got some cloud. BUT once we got past the ranges, it was clear again.



This whole region is pretty famous for sugar cane so I dipped down a bit to Yuri.


"Ahh, sugar cane da. Make good Vodka."


I looked at him. "Rum you mean."


"Did I say Rum? No I say  Vodka."


"oh... kay"



Out of the cane and into the Whitsunday Passage, turning onto a long final Yuri and I go through our final checklists.




A very nice touchdown at YHMI. Nothing much to say really.



Guided into our parking spot.... I think I've seen this guy around before.



Anyway, parked and stowed and Yuri filing me in on the 148 and the different variants and how he flew a 158 into Cuba once for Fidel Castro himself. He had a wealth of stories and it seemed once he started talking he just wouldn't shut up. Somehow I had to ditch my new best mate and find Tim, hopefully he would be at the main Hotel bar and not one of the multitude of banana lounges on either side of the island.


Flight Sim: X-Plane 11.05

Aircraft: AlphaNovember Antonov AN-148 (coming soon). This is an update I am working on to the original AN-148 released by JARdesign for XP 9.60

Livery: QANTAS by Hartmut Krueger


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Updated with links for aircraft and scenery
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1 hour ago, hlminx said:

Brilliant leg Beejay! :thum:

Loving the Antonov as well... That's one very good looking 'boiwd'. Where did you find her?

Any chance of posting scenery and aircraft used? :D

OMG I was in such a rush that I completely forgot that. OP updated :D

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