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Carenado - Synthetic Vision System

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Thanks Andrew, was looking for the low down on this product and this review filled the bill.:thum:


Looks like they created a cool bit of kit here and although not a regular of glass cockpits I would buy it just to try it out. I can see why you were so enthralled with not having to fly blind for the first time, what an invention.:cool: A shame it can't be added to other non-Carenado aircraft but I'm sure there are good reasons for this.


Couldn't find any info on the SVS Cloud License, do they give any information in the manual? I guessing between $5-10 bucks for a three years.

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Neither the Carenado web site or SVS documentation specifically mention licence renewal. However, the cost of the product is a licence, at approximately US$10 a year, to access the SVS cloud service which provides the 3D terrain data. The SVS uses WebSimConnect, a software framework for developers, to connect to the SVS cloud service.


All Carenado G1000 equipped aircraft have been updated on a “fitted for” basis to use the SVS cloud service. As for aircraft by other developers, those individual developers have to enable their products using the WebSimConnect framework for the aircraft to access the SVS cloud service. So, on that basis, there cannot be a generic product fit.




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