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P3D V4.2 released

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Prepar3D v4.2 is available now!


Prepar3D v4.2 continues to improve on the groundbreaking Prepar3D v4 simulation platform. The new v4.2 release welcomes three new user controllable helicopters, new rendering techniques for improved virtual reality (VR) performance, countless legacy bug fixes, and even a couple new exciting experimental features to give users a feel of where the platform is heading!


This is the first release to feature new helicopter capabilities, including scenario controllable artificial intelligence (AI) and autopilot functionality. Additionally, many developer requests were addressed, and we look forward to the Prepar3D ecosystem continuing to create high-end content that pushes simulation boundaries to new limits.


For developers, we have introduced the ability to add autogen grass on airport backgrounds, added interfaces to create custom voice commands, and refined our support for complex vehicle models. Multiple Scaleform panel samples are also included better showcasing some of the newer advanced panel features that available.


Read the whole story here..


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I generally give these things a week or so to see what develops and to let the mad rush on their servers diminish a little.


A wise old pilot once said, "Never fly the A model of anything."  I think that might apply here too - let others beat the brush for a while and see what comes out.  Windows 8/8.1 serves as a great example.



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I am still using 4.0 and would like to hear of peoples experiences in upgrading to 4.2. before taking the plunge.


Any issues?  anything to look out for? any compatabilities problems?

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I just updated from P3Dv4 to v4.2. I only updated the Client, and it was a pretty seamless operation. Installed without any problems. Just had to update some of my add-ons to make them V4.2 compliant.





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