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The Easter Bunny Does Exist!

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MEBAR pilot John L. sent this photo in and comments:




I run DC-3 Airways Maintenance Division, and we are currently delivering spares, tools, and "blokes wot know how to use them", to all the MEBAR airfields from our North Weald maintenance terminal.  I was enjoying the luxury of a pressurised fuselage, and listening to the merry song of 4 of Rolls-Royce's finest, I saw an oddly shaped cloud (just below #3 engine in this shot).  


Thanks John, good to see your preparations are well under way.



Is this really Mutley's Easter Bunny?


Decide for yourselves!


Argonaut and bunny.jpg

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3 hours ago, Captain Coffee said:

I'm going with a dodgy oxygen system, and possibly too much vitamin V before the flight....but great shot!!! :D 

Oxygen system? - that thing's pressurised (ex-BOAC Canadair Argonaut - as flown in by HM Queen Elizabeth II for her return to England on her accession in 1952, although we haven't got the "club seating"). 

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