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Fresh from the paint shop

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Hi Nobby,


Love the livery, especially the mountains on the tail.



PS the files have been ready since 1030 this morning, try going back to the downloads page and press Ctrl+F5 to clear your browser cache and update the page.

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2 hours ago, mutley said:

Nice work Iceman, we will certainly see you coming!

Thanks Joe, I just used the colours on the MEBAR Banner. Easy. I couldn't think of that myself. lol

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Many thanks for all your kind comments guys. I'm no repainter by any stretch of the imagination because I only use FS Repaint. I just have a little dabble with it for a bit of fun. Iceman, that is a really cool paint job that you've done, I really like it. I've changed mine a little bit now. It'll do me for this rally.


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Hi Wayne, thanks for your comments but I too only dabble a bit. I use photoshop and DXTBMP to do mine. 

Having said that, the CT210 Centurion is by far the easiest aircraft to repaint. I just copied one of the texture files and just changed the colours in photoshop.

Its good fun though hey!



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18 hours ago, phil white said:

I admire you all for being able to do this, I have tried creating my own liveries and fail miserably each time.

Just keep watching YouTube videos Phil. They are a great source of inspiration.

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