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Over the FSX years I have religiously inserted AFINITY MASKS into the FSX cfg file. Today I  changed the Affinity settings throughout the full range.  After each change I ran a complex flight. There was no change in the FPS. So have I been conned all these years? I enjoy your site-thank you.
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Hi Bob, 

Thanks for your email as well but we only give advice in our forums :)

The only FSX.cfg fix I ever used was the HIGHMEMFIX=1 fix, all the others seemed to make no difference that I could see.

Of course, it was easy to get the quick fix from http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html but as I understand that site has has been taken down, and did it really make a difference that some people claimed? I think not.

It's the addons that bring the performance down, and in some cases, through inefficient code causing memory leaks our systems would deliver a slide show, FSX was always the bad boy.

My tip to any flight simmer would be to upgrade to a 64bit simulator like X-Plane or P3D, at least then you won't run out of virtual memory.



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