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Leg 32: Pisco International (SPSO) - Good Question!

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With the recent build-up of Putinfeld's attempts at seizing the baton, quick turn-arounds and quick flights would be in order. Previously, I used the SR-71 to get from point to point quickly and (relatively) economically. With a 800nm flight ahead, my mind turned to what I could possibly lay my hand on to take me there. Logic dictated something reasonably big to handle the fuel load, but I decided on something a little more, well, sporty.....




Yep, an English Electric Lightning F3. Maximum range is around 800 miles, but I wasn't planning to go direct......


Jumping in the cockpit, I hit the "rapid start" button to my bottom right




With smokey results!




With watching eyes over me, I go for a quick taxi




Saving a minute or two by not backtracking, I floor it






It suddenly becomes very drafty




With all that's been happening recently, my thoughts turned to very suspicious motives for the bang. As it turns out, I hadn't locked the canopy, and with the climb / rapid level out, it popped open




Flying the world's second recorded convertible Lightning was interesting to say the least.....




Although it caused me an issue. Knowing the lengths that people will go to, I hatch a cunning plan..........


"Pisco Centre, I'm dropping a package at these co-ordinates, and will be back in 6 hours time".




Having flown south along the coast, I come across the nearest airport and decided to warm up by landing




Perfect touch-down!




And shut down, and preparing for my next ride. I wonder what it can be?



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An old schoolfriend converted from Hunter F6s to Lightnings. He described takeoff as, "Like sticking a very large rocket up your backside and lighting the blue touchpaper."


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