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Orbx - EU Netherlands TrueEarth

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Just published is our review of Orbx's new EU Netherlands True Earth scenery reviewed by Andrew Godden.


This is the first of a new generation of regional series which allies photoscenery and autogen in a five season presentation. So how does this new technology perform? Read on to find out...

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Wowzers...looks terrific. All 10's? Talk about raising the bar, I think Andrew's might have raised a bit during this review...all 10's!!?. Perhaps Mutley's will need to create a Platinum Award of Exellence so that Andrew can start scoring the occasional 11 for True Earth products. :D


Hats off to ORBx for this latest work...from a 'training' sim standpoint making accurate scenery like this is priceless. 


Nice work Andrew.

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I have to say Matt, after reading Andrew's review I downloaded this scenery went for a 330nm flight and I still cannot pick my jaw up from the floor.


A game changer? maybe, a "widow maker"? definitely. I know the UK is on their road map and I can see me burning the midnight oil regularly :D

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yes it is good.

no it does not deserve 10/10 across the board IMHO


* the building autogen placement is NOT 100% authentic, nor are the building autogen types.

* vegetation autogen might have been more varied

* there are a signifcant number of extrusion bridges actually missing let alone misaligned (look at motorway bridges)

* may just be settings for me, but I found the cityscene building area textures were too bright at night

* point of factual accuracy - Earth sims did products similarly (but not over such an extensive area) years ago


None of this is to say the product is bad, is isnt.  Much of the commentary in the review is spot on and deserving of praise.  However the product simply is NOT 'perfect' so shouldnt receive a 10/10 for me... just a 9.9 ;)

Edited by Kevin Firth
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1 hour ago, mutley said:

Thanks for your feedback Kevin, I think your expectations of a product costing a mere £32 are way too high.

Quite the contrary Joe, I havent complained or raised any isues with Orbx, for £32 as you say merely the colour corrected PR is worth it. :) My feedback is regarding the accuracy of the review not the content of the scenery - 10/10 implies perfection and there is clearly room for improvement.  No question it is a great product and I'll be buying pretty much anything in the series :D Cheers K

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great review, nice shots Joe looks really good, I guess Kevin there are issues with most scenery addons, I have seen enough in the past but I do get your point regarding 10/10...

I am guessing if you already have various ORBX addons this will fit seamlessly? or do they not effect each other....LCEurope springs to mind....

from ORBX web they say it fits seamlessly....

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answer to my own question..
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