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Leg 40: Eppley (KOMA) to Toronto (CYTZ)

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I made it.  I made it.  Whew, just in time too!


I've been learning to fly this thing in X-Plane and I'm coming to like it quite a bit.  Although, the FMS is a little quirky; which is to say generic.



Climbing out of Eppley Field






Coming up on Lake Michigan.  Just of the tip of my right wing is lake Geneva.  I had a brush with greatness here when I got to play Dungeons and Dragons with Gary Gygax at one of the Lake Geneva Gaming Conventions that were restarted in the mid 2000's.  GenCon is still a major event, but is currently south of here in Indianapolis. 





Flying over Flint Michigan (don't drink the water) you can see Lake Huron (ahead), St. Claire (off the right wing) and Erie further south.



I tried to get a shot of Niagra Falls, but my scenery doesn't do it justice -- or even acknowledge that it exists.



Approaching Toronto ILS RWY26




The ATIS reported winds 240 11 gusting 20,




Which made for an exciting landing.  But it's all over now; we can laugh about it.

A little off center-line...welcome to Toronto.




Just in time!



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Yey! Well done Mike, the flying circus has arrived in Canada! 

That was a very expensive looking aircraft you used, I hope it has busted our company credit card .. again!.



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