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Avro Lancaster touches down at Just Flight

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6 hours ago, Tristarcaptain said:

Have you bought and flown it then, Kevin?  I know that it LOOKS good and have been looking forward to it.  I sold my old FSX Lancaster a while back as I was hoping that this would be better......^_^

I helped beta test it.  I can attest to a huge amount of effort being put in to get it right.  I never had the old FSX lanc so I can't compare them I'm afraid.

Now, there are aspects that some might find less than attractive.  For the autistic me, I would have liked to see the bomb computer and GEE/Oboe being fully functional modelled systems, and for it to be tacpac enabled.  But I think at the pricepoint thats not really to be expected.  Aircraft like this have to have some compromises made because there has to be enough of a market for them.  I'd pay double for a study level Op Chastise capable lanc, but I suspect not enough people would to make it profitable.


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Oops, Kevin.  I only just found this reply......sorry!

Well, I have the sim now and I like it.  I REALLY love the way that they have done those Merlins......they sound so good.  I do have their Mosquito, and to me, the engines on that do not sound quiet right.

Obviously, a lot of effort has been put into the Lanc and the detailing is good.  Like you, I would have loved for it to be Tac-pack enabled, but such is life.  I am surprised that they did not do the Dambuster version or the one for the Grand Slam bomb (the latter of which was an option on the older Lanc.)

I am now looking forward to the Just Flight Vulcan which is due out this year!  Imagine that with a Tac-pack!!!  (bet it won't happen though).

Thanks for your work on the beta testing!!


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