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I am liking the textures that I get with this and the way it seems to change without effecting my flight, however on a few occasions I have found that the map shows I am flying through a storm but in sim it has been clear, on turning off the weather engine and firing up AS16 I get the correct conditions? Anyone else get this or think of a reason I am seeing this..


Also, in AS16 I see on the MAP view all the Ai traffic that is in the sim, is this an option with REX Skyforce? I have read a lot but can't find any details....


Don't get me wrong I like what I see and have used different versions of REX but these 2 things are things I would like to sort....

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Can't help with this one Wayne. 

I don't use Rex weather engine, I use AS for P3Dv4.

Someone is bound to have come across this though, so sit tight and wait for some views on it.


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13 hours ago, Kevin Firth said:

why not just disable the rex weather engine and use it with AS?

this is true Kevin, and that's what I have been doing, however there are some new features coming to Skyforce and I just want to see if my issues are my settings or a general thing....I have been tinkering and today it seems to be a lot better, also I have joined REX forum to ask a similar question once I am verified, I assume the creators will know if I have something set wrong.....thanks for the suggestion though.....

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